News and updates

rDiff webservice has gone online

Feb 5, 2013

The new rDiff version has been implementented on our Galaxy webserver at:

New website online

Feb 4, 2013

The rDiff website has been redesigned and a documentation has been added

rDiff 0.3 has been released

Jan 18, 2013

The new rDiff version has been released. It is now callable from the shell. Furthermore

  • Command line script has been added
  • Configuration script has been improved
  • Outpufile processing has been speeded up
  • Permutations for rDiff.nonparametric were made faster
The new version can be obtained from GitHub

rDiff 0.2 has been released

Jun 11, 2012

The rDiff version 0.2 has been released.

  • rDiff.nonparametric has been added
  • rDiff.parametric has been added