How to get the code please see: Download

To setup rDiff, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the SAMTools (version 0.1.7) from and install it. You need to add the flag -fPIC in the SAMTools Makefile for compilation.

  2. Change to directory that contains rDiff and configure rDiff by typing:


    this detects and stores paths of dependencies necessary to compile and run rDiff. You can also set these variables manually using the interactive configuration:

    ./configure -i 
  3. To compile rDiff, type:
  4. When successfully completed, rDiff is usable. Check out the <Examples>:

    make example

    This will download an example dataset and run the rDiff.parametric on it. You can also run rDiff.parametric, rDiff.nonparametric or rDiff.poisson by typing:

    make more_examples