rDiff is an open source tool for accurate detection of differential RNA processing from RNA-Seq data. It implements two statistical tests to detect changes of the RNA processing between two samples. rDiff.parametric is a powerful test, which can be applied for well annotated organisms to detect changes in the relative abundance of isoforms. rDiff.nonparametric is an alternative when the annotation is incomplete or missing.

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Information on latest releases of rDiff, Updates and Usage of rDiff

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Obtain the lattest version of rDiff, learn more about the requirements and the software license.

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Relevant publications of rDiff, supplemental material and datasets of the rDiff publications and use cases of rDiff.

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Frequently asked questions on rDiff, its usage and common difficulties

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Examples of how to best apply rDiff in various experimental settings and sample configuration files.

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Information on the Rätschlab as well as on other tools including Shogun, Palmapper, MMR, MiTie, rquant and mGene.

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